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The Tech Fossil Is a Website design and Development company based in Delhi, India. We begin Our Journey in 2019. we have only one AIM in our mind is to provide all Website development Services to Our customer. he have a 7 years freelancing background and also our collaborations with start-ups we reach a professional level where we finally decided to start our own business venture and reach more People who we can provide our services and we love to work with other business minds and challenge our self with working at something new so we got more opportunities to learn and whether as a developers or as a business.

The Tech Fossil motivate to create an excellence solution for our customer. We believes that every project must create with great design and functionality so it eases to your needs. We love continuously learning from our work family(our clients) so we are capable to develop more advance and cutting-edge Project for you.

About Us, thetechfossil, the tech fossil


The Ultimate Mission is to provide best products and services to our clients. We love to make them happy and turn their imagination into a reality.


our vision is to design sophisticated beauty with uncompromising Power. We Love to User Friendly Interface Design So it is easy to interact with product.


we are very passionate about what we do we try to push our self to reach new horizons and continuously challenge our self to provide the and best & powerful product to our client.

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Web Design

In a nutshell a Website Design is look and feel of your website. We design every single page with keeping every small detail so elegance that it catch everyone eye. we know you website design reflect your business.

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Web Development

Website development is a process to provide functionality to a website. Website development is use to power up your website like a beautiful car it need a powerful engine in the tech fossil we understand every beautiful website need a power too.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

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E-commerce is a trending way of buying or selling of products on online. Now a days customers are love to buy goods and services over the Internet. Because of busy life no one have time to go to market so the ecommerce comes to play. Now we can get all our needs on our door step.



Get More From Life With Creativity.

Creativity is most important factor user in web design as every project is different it need a different desgin, looks and feel. In The Tech Fossil we hand main all the web pages and keep every single aspect in our mind to give our clients an eye catching, sophisticated and elegant product.



The Home Of Planning.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

A crucial stage of planning is deep research and analysis is a roadmap towards the destination of a great product. At this stage, we define Gantt charts to timeline and resources to accomplish it. Varied other major decisions such as creating the sitemap, planning the layout, UI/UX, selecting the right technology stack, are done at this stage. basically It is a process of creating a blue print that will lead to complete the project in time and done all the work efficiently.



Design To Play It Safe.

In a nutshell a Website Design is look and feel of your website. We design every single page with keeping every small detail and elegance so that it wins everyone heart in a first glance and also it reflect what your business represents. In thetechfossil we understand you try to reflect a unique essence of your business through your website .In process of web designing we determine what client wants to represent through their website what color palette they have in mind any specific design they have in mind or we provide some samples of designs to choose from. We provide services so that you can put your mind in ease that your project taking shape in reality. We consider our self-artist and we challenge our self in process of create masterpieces. The tech fossil is best website designing company in Delhi.



From Our Development To Yours.

Website development is a process to provide functionality to a website. Web development is an art and in tech fossil we working to make it perfect every day we design and develop multiple websites and we keep making more our mindset to make an elegant and full featured website. Web development can range from developing a simple single static page, web apps, electronic businesses, ecommerce websites and social network services.

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