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About Us, thetechfossil, the tech fossil

The Tech Fossil Is a website design and Website DevelopmentStartup company based in Delhi, India. We begin Our Journey in 2019 with an absolute AIM in our mind to provide best possible Website Services and Products to Our clients with our 7 years freelancing background and also our collaborations to many start-ups we reach a professional point where we decide to reach more People who need our services and we love to challenge our self with more opportunities whether as a developers or as a business. Tech Fossil motivate to create an excellence solution for our clients. We believes that every project must provide great design and functionality so it ease of use for our clients. We continuously learn to develop advance and cutting-edge Project for our clients. We create a one stop shop for all your Needs.

In The Tech Fossil we done many projects in different areas like: Event Management, Apparel, Jewellery & Exports, Art, Associations & NGOs, Aviation, BPO, Club and Resorts, Interiors, E-Commerce, News Media, Energy, Exporters, Fashion Designers, Finance, Law & Consultancy, Food & Beverages, Hospitality, Hospitals , Mall Retail, Manufacturing & Industry, Museums & Art Galleries, Online Magazines, Personal Sites, Pharmaceuticals, Photography, Portals,Real Estate & Architects, Recreational Services, Religious, Restaurants, Schools & Education, Security Agency, Services, Garments, Trading, Travel & Tourism ,Wedding in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida

Why you need a website?

In today’s world we are adopting technology in a rapid pace and mostly business are moving to internet. Businesses needs website and apps to attract new customer and reach further than before. Also as new businesses grow faster than ever. Businesses need more ways to compete with increasing number of competitor in market. So Business get needs to reach more customers and the possible way with new online marketing’s. Businesses are taking advantages of both online marketing as well as traditional marketing. And many Businessman start or already understand the Power of both to establish a new brand or grow an old business. Also many business are running from home and taking a huge successes because of many customers are buying Product from online markets.

About Us, thetechfossil, the tech fossil

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About Us, thetechfossil, the tech fossil

The Tech Fossil Provide All kind of Web Services you will need to grow your business online. Now a days a web portal is not a luxury but a necessity for your business. Because every start up and already establish brands need a website to provide information about their services and products. Online business in booming with ecommerce websites and more and more people are now buying services and product. In The Tech Fossil We Listen to your idea and make it reality. We provide our best resources and technology for your business. In The Tech Fossil We Used many technologies like: C, C++, PHP, J2SE, J2EE, JAVASCRIPT, TYPESCRIPT, ES16, PYTHON, MAGENTO, OPENCART, WORDPRESS, CODEIGNITER, LARAVEL, CAKEPHP, VUEJS, ANGULARJS, ANGULAR, REACTJS, NODEJS, EXPRESSJS, ORACLE, MYSQL, MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008, NoSQL, MONGODB, HTML, CSS, NEXTJs, GOOGLE CLOUDE, ELECTRONJS, with these many technology we can provide best for solution for your business.

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